P 1 To Achieve True GlobalizationP 2 Top messageP 4 akebono’s Corporate Mission/Editorial PolicyP 6 Financial and Non-Financial HighlightsSpecial Feature 1: Our Business ModelOur Distinctive Strengths Products and the BusinessEnvironmentP 8 Enhancing Strengths in Our Field of Specialty byHarnessing Our Independent StatusP 10 Friction Materials and Mechanical PartsP 12 Seamless Application of TechnologiesP 14 Our Global LocationsSpecial Feature 2: Looking to Our Future OperationsFuture Growth Prospects and Progress under the MidtermBusiness PlanP 16 Progress under the Current Midterm Business PlanP 18 Our Fiscal 2015 StrategiesP 20 Our Future InitiativesP 22 Management SystemsSocial ReportOur Relationships with StakeholdersP 24 Celebrating Our 85th AnniversaryP 25 Relationships with Our StakeholdersP 26 With CommunitiesP 28 With Our Customers/With Our Shareholders andInvestors/With Our SuppliersP 29 With Our AssociatesEnvironmental ReportInitiatives to Contribute to a Sustainable SocietyP 36 Environmental ManagementP 38 Initiatives at the Design and Development StageP 40 Initiatives at the Purchasing Stage/Initiatives at the Logistics StageEconomic ReportP 42 Financial Review for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31 2015P 46 Consolidated Balance SheetsP 48 Consolidated Statements of Income andComprehensive IncomeP 49 Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets (Summary)P 50 Consolidated Statements of Cash FlowsCorporate InformationP 52 Corporate GovernanceP 56 Directors and Officers/Company OutlineP 58 Akebono LocationsCONTENTSThe AKEBONO REPORT 2015 booklet presents financial andnon-financial information on the Akebono Group’s fiscal 2014initiatives with a focus on readability.For detailed data on each initiative please visit our website.Detailed data on each initiative is disclosedin our website.Matters related to prioritythemes are conciselydiscussed in the booklet.WebsiteBookletCautionary Statement Concerning OutlookCurrent plans projections strategies business performance and other statements reported herein which are not historic facts represent forecasts made under Akebono’s assumptionsand views based on information available at the time this report was prepared. These statements therefore are exposed to risks and uncertainties including but not limited to thoseassociated with the economic climate surrounding Akebono’s business domain trends in market competition exchange rates tax systems and various institutions. Please note thatactual business performance may differ significantly from Akebono’s forecasts due to various factors.Reporting ScopeN Reporting PeriodThis report covers the annual results data for the 2014 fiscal year(April 1 2014 to March 31 2015). In addition the report containsreferences to some ongoing activities undertaken after the latterdate to provide readers with a better understanding of latest statusof initiatives.N OrganizationsJapan: Akebono Brake Industry (including development manufacturing production engineering purchasing quality assurance automotive sales aftermarket sales departments and administrativedepartments as well as Tatebayashi Foundry) domestic Groupcompanies including four production plants (Yamagata Fukushima Iwatsuki and Sanyo) Akebono Brake Industrial Machinery & RollingStock Component Sales Alocs Corporation Akebono Research &Development Centre APS and Akebono 123 and AkebonoAdvanced Engineering; Overseas: ABC AEC ABE ABG ABCT andABCS (U.S.); ABM (Mexico); AENV (Belgium); AESA AASA andAECE (France); AEG (Germany); AAE (UK); ABSK (Slovakia); AKBT A&M (Thailand); two Chinese subsidiaries (Guangzhou and Suzhou);AAIJ (Indonesia); and AAVH (Vietnam).Please refer to “Akebono Locations” on pages 58 to 59 for theformal names of those organizations that are presented in theabove listing as abbreviations.N Definition of Fiscal YearTo present content in a consistent and easy-to-follow manner inthis report the period referred to as the fiscal year represents thefiscal period from April 1 to March 31 of the next year. The financialstatements are also presented on a fiscal year basis.Publication date: August 2015 (Last publication: August 2014;next scheduled publication: August 2016)Inquiries: Akebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd.Corporate Communications OfficeTel: +81 (0) 3-3668-5183Fax: +81 (0) 3-5695-7391Website: the AKEBONO REPORT 2015 web edition is available onour website.URL: http://www.akebono-brake.com

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