Financial and Non-Financial HighlightsAkebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. and Consolidated Subsidiaries Years Ended March 31Net salesGross protRatio of gross prot to sales (%)Selling, general and administrative expensesRatio of selling, general and administrative expenses to sales (%)Operating income (loss)Ratio of operating income (loss) to sales (%)Prot (loss) attributable to owners of parentRatio of net income (loss) to sales (%)Return on assets (ROA) (%) Return on equity (ROE) (%)Capital investmentDepreciation and amortizationCash ow from operating activitiesCash ow from investing activitiesCash ow from nancing activitiesNumber of outstanding shares at the end of period (including treasury stock)Net income (loss) per share—basic Cash dividends per shareTotal assetsNet interest-bearing debtNet debt-equity ratioNet equity (Equity minus minority interests minus stock subscription rights)Net equity ratio (%)¥ 142.330.9 21.7 19.1 13.511.,816¥ 56.606.00¥¥ 163.3 40.2 0.849.8 30.5¥ 155.6 40.2 0.847.3 30.4¥ 155.4 47.7 1.727.4 17.6¥ 61.8510.00¥ 61.866.00¥ (151.65)5.00110,992110,992110,9922005200620072008¥ 184.736.619.821.411.615.¥¥ 159.614.69.220.913.1(6.3)(3.9)(16.3)(10.2)(10.2)(42.2)17.811.44.2(13.6)38.6*Note: Includes expenses arising from daily operations aimed at achieving improvementsR&D expenses (left axis)Capital investment (left axis)Billions of yenThousandsYenBillions of yenRatio of R&D expenses to net sales (right axis)Ratio of CAPEX to net sales (right axis)R&D expenses* and ratio of R&D expenses to net salesCapital investment and ratio of CAPEX to net salesNet sales05101502.04.06.0201120122013201420159.210.010.511.711. of yen)(%)(FY)010020030020112012201320142015209.6206.0236.7254.2281.3(Billions of yen)(FY)010203004.08.012.02011201220132014201514.319.821.820.822. of yen)(%)(FY)AKEBONO REPORT 201611

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