Akebono’s Corporate MissionCore Technology and Seamless Application of TechnologiesHigh-performance vehiclesRolling stockIndustrial machineryCommercialvehiclesPassengercarsMotorcyclesFormula Oneracing Core technologiesSeamless applicationof technologiesValue Creation based onOur Corporate MissionAs an Independent Manufacturer Specialized in BrakesIn 1999, Akebono established “akebono’s Corporate Mission” as a guideline that indicates the path that the company should take. “Friction and Vibration, their Control and Analysis” is Akebono’s original theme. Guided by the Corporate Mission, Akebono will continue to create value and contribute to the development of a sustainable society. The development and manufacture of automotive brake-related products is Akebono’s main business. Our product lineup ranges from passenger cars through to high-performance vehicles. Moreover, we provide products for various motorsports, including Formula One—the most prestigious motorsport category—with the aim of enhancing our technological strengths. We also produce brakes for motorcycles, rolling stock and industrial machinery, drawing on our core technologies cultivated in brake development. We supply sensor products that leverage our vibration analysis technologies, and our goal now is to expand into the fields of social infrastructure and mobility. As an independent manufacturer specialized in brakes, Akebono strives to delivery safety and peace of mind to customers all over the world. Through our global operations, we develop, manufacture, and provide brake pads, brake linings and other friction materials, as well as such mechanical parts as disc brakes and drum brakes. Drawing on the technological expertise we have developed through these operations, we will provide brakes in various fields, focusing on next-generation technology development including electrification. Working in Diverse and Numerous FieldsValue Creation based onOur Corporate MissionHighqualityHighperformanceReliableDurableValue Creation ModelThrough “Friction and Vibration, their Control and Analysis,” we are determined to protect, grow and support every individual lifeAKEBONO REPORT 201613

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