Ai-Ring is one of the largest test courses to be operated by an automotive parts manufacturer in Japan. The facility enables various types of brake testing using actual vehicles, such as high-speed braking tests. A new Ai-Ring is scheduled for completion in October 2016. The plans for the facility include expanding various type of test course, such as a new winding road, rough roads, and slopes. We will use these courses to further enhance the performance and quality of our products for high-performance vehicles, and to bolster our development of electro-mechanical brakes. We also plan to increase our dyno testing facilities (brake testing machines) to help ensure safety as a top For achievement in the “development and mass production of high-performance brakes for road cars” Akebono was awarded the FY2015 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) Medal for New Technology. The brake systems are used in the ultra-high performance road car “P1TM” made by the U.K. automaker McLaren. Established in 1958 with the aims of encouraging research activities and development of mechanical engineering in Japan, the JSME Medal has been presented annually to outstanding papers, technologies and products. In awarding the medal, the judges recognized Akebono’s high achievement in “stability when braking at ultra-high speed and high temperature levels,” “signicant weight reduction,” and “comfortable braking in city driving.” This is the second time in 34 years that Akebono has received the award, the previous time being in 1982. Akebono Receives Award in the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medalfor New TechnologyTOPICSpriority from the design stage. This will enable us to conduct comprehensive brake testing from bench testing, through dyno testing, to vehicle testing in a single facility. Akebono will also shorten development lead times by improving its vehicle testing capabilities and enhancing its NVH* analysis and simulation technologies. With the new facility we aim to establish a global development structure that will enhance our R&D competitiveness. At the same time, Ai-Ring will help us to integrate testing techniques employed at R&D bases worldwide while providing a place for training designers and engineers who will be able to propose their own ideas as brake experts. With the aim of promoting its corporate branding initiative, Akebono has acquired and maintains the ISO/TS16949 quality management system certication that has been widely introduced by automakers overseas, in addition to ISO9001. Moreover, efforts are now underway to acquire ISO 26262 certication with regard to automotive electronic and electrical safety-related systems with help from external specialists. Upgrading Ai-Ring to Secure Competitiveness in the Global MarketQuality Management Systems(ISO/TS16949, ISO26262)*NVH: Noise vibration harshnessAi-RingBrake system for McLaren P1TMReview of Operations28AKEBONO REPORT 2016

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