Bullet train disc brakeDrum brake for forkliftsBrake shoe for elevatorsDisc brake for a rough terrain cranesClutch facings for car air conditioning unitsMonorail disc brakeBullet train disc brake liningPick UpContribution in the Railway FieldAkebono has provided the brakes for many Japanese bullet trains, from the rst generation Type 0 series to the latest N700A series, as well as conventional trains and monorails.Products for Rolling StockProducts for Industrial Machinery• Bullet train disc brakes• Bullet train disc brake linings• Drum brakes for forklifts• Disc brakes for cranes• Monorail disc brakes• Railroad train brake shoes• Brake shoes for elevators• Clutch facings for car air conditioning componentsAKEBONO REPORT 2017 12Part 1 Value Creation Model

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