1PARTMarkets and ProductsValue Creation ModelInclinometerPosition monitoring systems for power transmission cablesUltra low noise accelerometer for oil/gas layer monitoring systemVehicle behavior detection deviceSensor in horizontal control system for tractorEarthquake detectors for long-wave seismic motionESCSensor in suspension control system Sensor Products (Infrastructure & Mobility Business)Civil engineering and architecture eld• Inclinometer systems• Concrete filling & compaction detection systems (Jutender)• Lighting emitting inclination sensors (LEIS)/PocketMarine eld• Position correcting systems for satellite/GPS compasses• Position correcting systems for fish findersEnergy eld (supply)• Position monitoring sys-tems for power transmis-sion cables• Inclination and vibration monitoring systems for steel towersMotorcycle field• Suspension control systemsAgriculture and construction eld• Horizontal control systems for tractors• Horizontal control systems for radio-controlled helicopters used for pesticide spraying• Drive wheel slip prevention systems for caterpillar tracksBuilding eld• Earthquake detectors for long-wave seismic motion• Friction materials for vibration dampingRailroad eld• Suspension control systems for high-speed trains• Vehicle behavior detection devices• Portable vibration measurement devices• Continuous micro vibration monitor-ing systems for railway bridgesSensor in position correcting system for satellites/GPS compassEnergy eld (development)• Oil/gas layer monitoring systemsAutomotive eld• ESC (electronic stability control equipment)• Car navigation systems• ABS• Suspension control systems• Roll over airbags• Hill-start assist systems• Operation support systems for commercial vehicles13 AKEBONO REPORT 2017

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