Absolute safety; Unparalleled controlSince 1929, akebono has brought assurance and peace of mind to our customers and end-users everywhere as a global industry leader in brake design and production. We take pride in our history of achieving safety without compromise, and continue to pursue new standards of perfection with innovation.Looking to the future, we are inspired by the prospect of delighting and satisfying our customers, and never cease in the challenge to succeed in this goal.Absolute safety; Unparalleled control. Putting a smile on people’s faces all over the world.Brand StatementBrand SloganThrough “Friction and Vibration, their Control and Analysis,” we are determined to protect, grow and support every individual lifeWe will continue to create value long into the 21st century as we pursue our Corporate Mission.We declare that we will:1. Recognize the real value of what we create and provide.2. Assure our own indispensability by continuously creating new value.3. Accomplish our tasks with speed and the courage of our convictions without fear of failure.4. Achieve our aspirations through the pride of each and every individual.1. Customer needs rst2. Technology realignment3. Establishing a global networkakebono’s Corporate Missionakebono’s Declaration for the 21st CenturyCorporate GoalsEditorial PolicyWe compiled the AKEBONO REPORT 2017 based on “integrated thinking,” a concept proposed by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). In doing so, we have focused on actual examples of the Akebono Group’s operations, the kind of growth it aims to achieve and how it will fulfill its commitment to delivering safety and peace of mind through brake products.To effectively convey abovementioned content to our stakeholders, we prepared both printed booklet and web editions of the AKEBONO REPORT 2017. In the printed booklet, we put greater emphasis on reader-friendliness, focusing on matters that we want to communicate to a broader range of stakeholders. In particular, we present our initiatives to identify social needs and provide solutions to issues. Examples include product information related to infrastructure and mobility systems utilizing sensor technologies, next-generation brake development, global human resource development, and diversity promotion. Further details on topics presented in the printed booklet can be found on our website. It is our hope that the aforementioned articles help readers understand Akebono’s determination to lead the way in realizing unparalleled competitiveness as a specialized manufacturer with a lean organization and independent status. In preparing this edition, we referred to the Guiding Principles set forth by the IIRC as well as the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4) and ISO 26000.Reporting PeriodThis report covers the annual results data for the 2016 fiscal year (April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017). In addition, the report contains references to some ongoing activities undertaken after the latter date to provide readers with a better understanding of the latest status of initiatives.OrganizationsJapan: Akebono Brake Industry (including HP BU, Foundation BU, Infrastructure & Mobility Systems (AIMS) BU, Friction Material BU, Aftermarket BU, and R&D, automotive sales, production, production engineering, quality assurance, purchasing department, and administrative departments as well as Tatebayashi Foundry), domestic Group companies including four production plants (Yamagata, Fukushima, Iwatsuki and Sanyo), Alocs Corporation, Akebono Research & Development Centre, Akebono 123, and Akebono Advanced Engineering; Overseas: ABC, AEC, ABE, ABG, ABCT and ABCS (U.S.); ABM (Mexico); AESA and AASA (France); AEG (Germany); AAE (UK); ABSK (Slovakia); AKBT, A&M (Thailand); two Chinese subsidiaries (Guangzhou and Suzhou); AAIJ (Indonesia); and AAVH (Vietnam). Please refer to “Akebono Locations” on pages 45 to 46 for the formal names of those organizations that are presented in the above listing as abbreviations.01 AKEBONO REPORT 2017

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