3PARTPlease visit our website for details.Akebono CSR websitehttp://www.akebono-brake.com/english/csr_environment/index.htmlAlso viewable on smartphone and tabletOfcial website http://www.akebono-brake.com/english/index.htmlIR websitehttp://www.akebono-brake.com/english/ir/index.htmlAbout Akebonohttp://www.akebono-brake.com/sp/corporate/en/Akebono will promote the creation of environmentally considerate products to continue providing society with safety and peace of mind, and to develop together with regional society. Environmental Management• Environmental Declaration and Basic Environmental Policies• Emissions of PRTR targeted Substances Certied as an Excellent Large-Scale Business Facility under Saitama’s Cap-and-Trade Emissions Trading SystemInitiatives in Development• Development and Promotion of Copper-Free Friction Materials• MR Fluid Brakes that Emit No Brake DustInitiatives in Purchasing• Green Purchasing• Response to Substances of Very High ConcernInitiatives in Production• Introduction of Air Purication System• Developing Young Engineers to Design Environmentally Considerate FacilitiesInitiatives in Logistics• Initiatives in Eco-Friendly DrivingEnvironment|Reducing Environmental ImpactEAkebono is working to maintain and promote sound and benecial relationships with all of its stakeholders to ensure sustainable growth and development.Human Resources and Diversity• Global Human Resource Nurturing and Personnel System Ai-Forum Welcoming Interns from Various Countries• Promoting Diversity Career Support Activities• Promoting Work-Life Balance Promoting Health ManagementRelationship with Local Communities• Vocational Scholarship Program; Assisting Future Leaders in Their Pursuit of Education• Offering Ofce and Plant Tours Ai-MuseumProviding Safety and Security• Occupational Safety and Health Management• Response to the Problem of AsbestosInitiatives to Raise Corporate Value• Our Corporate Brand Management and Positioning of CSR Activities• Corporate Brand Awareness Survey• Identifying Social Needs and Working to Provide SolutionsSocial|Together with Society and StakeholdersSSustainable ManagementApproach and Initiatives on Sustainable ManagementAkebono considers the essence of social contribution to be one and the same with the source of its growth: identifying social needs and proactively engaging on resolutions to issues in its business activities. This is the key concept in our approach to sustainable management. We aim to enhance our corporate value by strengthening corporate governance.Management Systems• Compliance• Risk Management System• Information Security ActivitiesGCorporate Governance System• Basic Approach to Corporate Governance• Cooperation among Audit & Supervisory Board Members, the Independent Auditor, and the Internal Audit Ofce• Overview of Corporate Governance System• Compensation• Outside Directors and Outside Audit & Supervisory Board MembersGovernance|Toward Sustainable Growth Board Evaluation29 AKEBONO REPORT 2017

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