46 tonsRecycling122 tonsRemoval 148 tonsProducts12 tonsAtmosphere0 tonsWater bodies 0 tonsSoilAkebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.PRTR targeted substances328 tonsEEnvironmental Declaration and Basic Environmental PoliciesThe Akebono Group has a shared Environmental Declaration and Basic Environmental Policies that govern its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities and promote development of environmentally considerate products.Emissions of PRTR Targeted Substances (Fiscal 2016)Akebono is working to recycle resources and minimize water usage and waste and chemical substance emissions. At the same time, we are taking steps to promote effective use of resources, and striving to achieve manufacturing that can contribute to creation of a recycling society. Certied as an Excellent Large-Scale Business Facility under Saitama’s Cap-and-Trade Emissions Trading System*PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register): A system for understanding, gathering data, and disclosing the amount of target substances that are transferred externally in the form of emissions or waste processing by businesses that manufacture, use, and emit such substances.Environmental DeclarationBased on our Corporate Mission and Declaration for the 21st Century, we will continue to create new value in the new millennium, contributing to both the Company and the environment. As a global corporate citizen, we will also strive to protect the environment on a global scale and implement ongoing voluntary activities aimed at creating a safe, vibrant society that co-exists in harmony with the environment.Basic Environmental Policies1. From the early development and design stages, we will actively pursue initiatives that give consideration to both safety and the environment. We will promote the development of technologies and products that minimize environmental impact.2. Each and every associate will make ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact and promote an eco-friendly society by conserving energy and resources, recycling and reducing waste.3. In addition to complying with environmental laws, regulations and agreements, we will endeavor to enhance our environmental management by establishing voluntary management standards both in Japan and overseas.4. We will actively disclose information to increase understanding of our environmental initiatives and encourage positive relationships with communities with the aim of creating a better living environment.Ai-City (Headquarters) in Hanyu, Saitama Prefecture was certied as a Semi-Top-Level Ofce in the Excellent Large-Scale Business Facility category, under Saitama Prefecture’s cap-and-trade emissions trading system for conducting outstanding measures to reduce the volume of CO2 emissions. The certicate was issued in April 2017. To reduce CO2 emissions associated with business activities, Saitama Prefecture introduced the cap-and-trade emissions trading system from scal 2011. Business sites that implement especially effective initiatives are designat-ed as “Top-Level Ofce” and “Semi-Top-Level Ofce.”For some time now, Akebono has been engaged in energy-saving activities. Among other initiatives, we use power generation facilities that make use of waste heat and waste hot water, made our lighting more efcient by using solar power generation, and made our energy use visible with a building energy management system. Environmental Management Environment|Reducing Environmental ImpactEstablished 2001Established 2001AKEBONO REPORT 2017 30Part 3 Sustainable Management

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