At Akebono, we nurture human resources who are able to work in global settings by providing opportunities for associates to experience diverse value systems overseas. At the Ai-Village, training center, the Company holds Ai-Forum as a training program where associates from Japan and around the world give presentations and hold discussions on a variety of major topics. At the Ai-Forum held in May 2016, a panel discussion was held on the topic of “Women Building Careers in the Automobile Industry.” Five female managers from different locations were the panelists. Both male and female associates enthusiastically participated in the activities that day, talking about career advancement and mutual understanding. The event also served as an opportunity to forge new connections with people as advice was given about how to deal with hardships at work and how to balance work and family. We are focusing our energies on nurturing personnel who are able to work in global settings by providing associates with opportunities to come into contact with a variety of value systems overseas. Ai-Forum3PARTSGlobal Human Resource Nurturing and Personnel SystemWe strive to ensure that our associates are assigned optimal positions and work locations based on their competencies, regardless of their nationality. To this end, our human resource recruitment, nurturing and administration systems are premised on abundant respect for human rights as well as associates’ individuality, privacy rights and diverse value systems. In particular, we are developing our associates’ communication skills, exibility in dealing with diverse cultures and their linguistic abilities. Up to now, we have had different training programs and personnel systems by location, so we are working to enhance our associates’ ability to operate in global business settings, since they have had few opportunities to engage in duties with peers from other countries with different cultures and native tongues.As a part of its training programs, Akebono has prepared globally unied educational materials for training new recruits at all group business locations. Akebono has issued the Akebono Starter Book, a standard educational package that features the Company’s corporate history since its founding, characteristics of its operations in each region and explanations of APS (Akebono Production System or Akebono Philosophy and Spirit), its corporate culture and philosophy as well as corporate brand management activities. The book is being used in training programs. By learning through this book, all associates are equally informed of the basic knowledge and concepts necessary to act as Akebono business persons. Moreover, with the addition of programs that reect local concerns, we are developing human resource educational programs optimized for each region and location.Basic Human Resources PolicyTo provide opportunities to all associates and to support them so that they can share the Company’s successes.Akebono believes that the most important factor that guides a company to success is human talent (our associates). Guided by that belief, we set forth our basic human resource policy that “each associate must be given the opportunity to exert their abilities and be continuously supported to share their success with the Company.” We are striving to build our long-term global personnel policy as well as to facilitate associates’ ability to establish their individuality and foster mutual respect and trust.Moreover, we are working on human rights education and enlightenment with high regard for human rights to achieve an organization with abundant diversity and creativity.Sustainable ManagementSocial|Together with Society and StakeholdersHuman Resources and DiversityA panel discussion33 AKEBONO REPORT 2017

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