Since scal 2015, Akebono’s Diversity Implemention Ofce has engaged in activities that support career advancement, such as networking, Dream Map Workshops, and opportunities to talk with directors. Akebono proactively accepts interns from various countries. It also organizes exchange events for interns and associates, which help to nurture global human resources by providing more associates with opportunities to encounter diverse values of other countries.National Origins of InternsUnited States, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Thailand, Slovakia, Germany, Turkey, France, Finland, Portugal, Mexico, Morocco, Canada, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, and TunisiaThrough these ongoing activities, we aim to evolve the entire company into an organization where each and every associate can maximize their abilities. NetworkingForming connections among female associates created networks for help with solving anxieties and issues related to work. Dream Map WorkshopsA part of career training, these workshops help associates visualize their future targets (dreams) and clearly dene their ideal career. Talks with DirectorsBy creating venues for associates and directors to discuss matters and form connections, we aim to motivate and broaden the perspectives of associates. Welcoming Interns from Various Countries Career Support ActivitiesBasic Themes of Diversity ManagementAn organization capable of maximizing the abilities of each associatePromotion of diversityCareer supportPromotion of work-life balancePromoting DiversityAkebono aims to strengthen its corporate capabilities in a way that reects the high respect it has for the values of each associate and their diversity. The Company cherishes associates’ individual aspirations regarding work and life so that each can develop their creativity in the course of their duties, which, in turn, will help bring about a more vibrant company overall. Akebono is promoting diversity because it recognizes that as it expands globally, it is becoming increasingly important to establish a corporate structure that helps each associate realize their full potential regardless of their value system or cultural background. To further promote diversity, the Company is promoting recruitment activities that target people of all nationalities. Akebono is promoting diversity management centered on three key initiatives, namely, diversity promotion, work-life balance promotion, and career development assistance. Akebono will work to double the number of female managers from 2014 levels by 2020 through further diversity promotion efforts going forward. 1614121086420200620072008200920102011201220132014201520163411101215119744(Year)(Interns)Numbers of Interns AcceptedA networking eventAKEBONO REPORT 2017 34Part 3 Sustainable Management

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