The Ai-Museum which exhibits our brake technology was established in 2004 to commemorate Akebono Brake Industry’s 75th anniversary. The 800 m2 museum houses over 300 brake-related exhibits such as automobile brakes, motorcycle brakes, and rolling stock brakes. The progress of Akebono as a brake manufacturer can be seen through the historically valuable products and materials. Ai-MuseumRelationship with Local CommunitiesVocational Scholarship Program; Assisting Future Leaders in Their Pursuit of EducationSince 1965, Akebono has provided scholarships through its Vocational Scholarship Program, a program that allows students to earn wages by working at Akebono while also covering their academic fees for a period of three years. This program has supported junior college students earning degrees in early childhood education or nutrition to acquire specialist qualications in these elds.The Vocational Scholarship Program is currently operated only at Akebono Brake Fukushima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The scholarship students live together in the corporate dormitory and work alternating shifts to pursue their studies while working. By using their pay to cover their course fees, they can graduate by their own efforts and acquire qualications. Once they complete their qualications, they will go on to work at other companies, or as kindergarten teachers or nursery workers. Today, more than 3,000 students have used the program, including some second-generation recipients.We strive to maintain robust relationships with local residents through the provision of scholarship programs aimed at helping young people realize their dreams.Offering Ofce and Plant ToursIn scal 2016, more than 249 students from four elementary schools in Saitama Prefecture visited Ai-City headquarters as part of their social studies tours. In addition to a brieng on the Company, this visit included an “Ai-Museum” (Brake Museum) tour and observation of the mobile brake technology educational center as well as programs aimed at providing hands-on experience of manufacturing at the Monozukuri Center. Such tours help raise visitors’ safety awareness while facilitating their understanding of Akebono and its products.Looking ahead, we will implement initiatives with local enterprises and communities in regions around our domestic and overseas locations. Learning from and inspiring each other, we will grow in tandem with our stakeholders.Providing Safety and SecurityOccupational Safety and Health ManagementTo promote occupational health and safety, Akebono has established a management system centered on the Central Safety Environment Committee. Through this system, we strive to ensure the safety and health of associates with the aim of identifying and reducing various risks related to our operations, including prevention of disasters, accidents and other emergencies. Placing the utmost emphasis on securing the safety of our personnel, we have set rules that allow no newly recruited associate or contract worker to engage in actual operations unless they have undergone the required safety education beforehand. We also distribute a booklet summarizing important safety issues to all associates to raise their safety awareness, as well as provide regular opportunities to learn about safety starting from fundamentals.Response to the Problem of AsbestosWell ahead of other Japanese domestic companies, Akebono began the development of asbestos-free products in the 1970s. Not only did we lead the eld in completing the transition to asbestos-free OEM products for new cars by 1992 and commercial vehicles by 1994, we have not manufactured service parts containing asbestos since 2000. We provide health consultations relating to asbestos and have implemented complementary health checks for neighbors who have lived near Akebono plants, ex-associates, and their family members. In total, 625 people have undergone asbestos health checks as of March 31, 2017. We plan to continue these checks in the future.Breakdown of Number of Examinees(from August 2005 to March 2017)Figures in parentheses represent increases from the previous yearEx-associatesFamilies of ex-associatesNeighborsTotalAsbestosis found410041Pneumoconiosis found160016No ndings41737114568(+5)(+1)(+6)Total47437114625(+5)(+1)(+6) AKEBONO REPORT 2017 36Part 3 Sustainable Management

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