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Corporate Goals

Corporate Goals

  1. Customer needs first
  2. Technology realignment
  3. Establishing a global network

Our Corporate Goals are management policies that approach Akebono's future growth from three perspectives: Monozukuri, or value-added manufacturing, technology, and global development.

Our customers are, ultimately, the end users of our products. "Customer needs first" expresses Akebono's commitment to satisfying the expectations and desires of those people who actually use our products, through our value-added manufacturing and dedicated craftsmanship.

"Technology realignment" refers to Akebono's creation of new and cutting-edge technology by investigating friction and vibration - our core fields of expertise - in ever greater depth.

In addition, we are "establishing a global network" encompassing Japan, North America and Europe, as well as Asia, where substantial growth is anticipated in the future. In doing so, our goal is to build a system that enables us to acquire and share knowledge on a global basis.

APS as a Management Philosophy

From Akebono Production System to
Akebono Philosophy and Spirit

The basic principle of APS (Akebono Production System) can be simply expressed as the ceaseless elimination of waste; this forms the starting point for everything that Akebono manufactures.

APS is much more than just a production system, however. It is also a systematic approach to management, analysis, and manufacturing throughout the Akebono Group, and as such represents our fundamental management philosophy: Akebono Philosophy and Spirit.

Monozukuri means both manufacturing products of value and nurturing the talent necessary do so. In order to ensure that APS permeates every part of the Akebono Group, we will promote initiatives to cultivate personnel who can identify problems and waste hiding in routine operations, as well as devising their own solutions to these issues. In addition, we intend to elevate APS into an ethos that forms a bond throughout Akebono, transcending boundaries between cultures.