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(for ground surface)


This system measures the angle and displacement of the ground through detection of gravitational acceleration with a new inclinometer model, for which the accelerometers of cars have been improved for usage in angle measurement.

Conventional inclinometers require one cable for each device, thus the number of inclinometers that can be connected is limited. By using the CAN*1 Protocol technology our system makes it possible to connect several inclinometers in series to only one cable. This makes easy multi-point measurement with only one cable connected to the data logger possible.

In 2003, we received a prize for technical development for the “development of a ground measurement system using accelerometers” from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers. And this system is registered in NETIS*2 which is new technology information system ran by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

  • *1 CAN : Controller Area Network
  • *2 NETIS : New Technology Information System

Special characteristics

  1. Easy installation
  2. Easy and safe measurements
  3. Long-term measurements, ranging from construction work to control measurements
  4. High economic efficiency
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Inclinometer Specifications

Item Specifications Notes
Number of measurement axes 2 axes  
Measurement sphere ±20 deg  
Angle exchange method Capacitive acceleration sensor  
Temperature exchange method IC temperature sensor  
Rated output Approx. 40,000 digit  
Resolution 1/1,000  
Long term stability*3 1/1,000 / day  
Characteristics for a temperature of 0℃ 8/1,000 / ℃  
Nonlinearity 0.5% RO  
Operating temperature limits -30~+60℃  
Storage temperature limits -30~+80℃  
IO cable Φ 9mm 4 core shield  
Water pressure restance 0.5MPa  
Sensor unit diameter Φ60 Including rib parts
Weight 1,800g  
  • *3 “Long term stability“ means a change/fluctuation of output in situations in which an inclination is set up to a stable horizontal surface.

Data logger specifications

Item Specifications 備考
Operating temperature limits -20 ~ +60℃  
Storage temperature limits -30 ~ +70℃  
Number of installation points Maximum 100 (1 line until 50 instruments)  
Cable extension distance 1 line 100m / 50 or less  
1 line 500m / 100 or less  
Correspondence method (between sensors) CAN V2, OB 1.25kbit/s  
Correspondence method (between PCs, between modems) RS232C  
Data storage method EEPROM Nonvolatile memory
Software Data collecting and Display software  
External dimensions (WxHxD) 270×75×220mm  
Weight 2,000g  
Power supply AC100V (system drive: DC12V)  

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