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Light Emitting Inclination Sensors
(LEIS) / Pocket


Light Emitting Inclination Sensor (LEIS) / Pocket is a device which measure inclination of structures with using acceleration sensor and emits colors of light according to its inclination.

When installing the inclination sensor on a wall or pillar of construction sites, initial position is set. Then the acceleration sensor starts measuring inclination of the wall or pillar. When the structure starts inclining, color of the light changes to green, yellow or red according to dangerous level and workers can notice safety level by him/herself. Compact Light Emitting Inclination Sensor (LEIS) / Pocket is easy to install without cable connection. Since both sides of the body emit the light, the workers who are locating both above or bottom side of the body can see the lighting.

Light Emitting Inclination Sensor (LEIS) / Pocket was developed OSV concept (On sight visualization, Visually confirmation of changes of structures) which is promoted by Kobe University as a chair. In order to preserve safety and peace of mind, it is important to monitor various structures in society efficiently. Though there were monitoring methods and monitoring devices in the past, it was difficult to monitor all risk factors at every location because of cost and man power. A solution for the situation is OSV. With this device workers can check their safety level.

  • かんたん設置傾斜計、設置例

    Setting example

  • かんたん設置傾斜計、緑色の光:安全

    Green light: safety

  • かんたん設置傾斜計、黄色の光:注意

    Yellow light: caution

  • かんたん設置傾斜計、赤色の光:避難

    Red light: danger


Item Spedfication
Measuring range ±0.3(degree)
Installation attitude ±0.3(degree)
Resolution 0.01(degree)
Measurement accuracy ±0.1(degree)
Threshold 2 Step
Number of measurement axes 2 (X・Y Resultant vector)
Sampling rate 60 second
Power CR123A X2 (6V)
LED color 3 color
Operating temperature range 0~60゜C,95%RH
Measuring Time 168h MAX (at 25℃)
Waterproofness IPX5

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