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Through our employees’ dedication to work, we support global safety and peace of mind

Ever since our foundation in 1929, Akebono Group has honed its technology focusing on brakes. As an independent maker specialized in brakes, we provide safety and a peace of mind to our customers around the world.

Although our business developments have focused around brake products for the automotive industry, we apply the technology cultivated with the automotive industry when supplying brake products for motorcycles, rolling stock and industrial machinery. We also offer sensor products utilizing our vibration analysis technology. Currently we are expanding our business in the infrastructure and mobility industry, as well. From 2007, we have been striving to create world top level functionality as a partner of the famous McLaren team in Formula 1, considered the pinnacle of world automobile racing.

All of our employees have pride and dedication towards their work, allowing us to provide safety and a peace of mind even better. There is no replacement to the joy that contributing to society through our products brings.

We aim to be a truly global company and a place open for talent with different values

Akebono has business in 13 countries around the work, and in FY2015, our overseas sales ratio surpassed 70%. With the intensifying global expansions, we created a system allowing us to accept new graduates not only in April but also in October. By not limiting our recruiting within the Japanese job hunting season, we created a chance to meet with people with various experiences.

Human resources (our employees) are an essential factor on a company's way to success, regardless of their language, culture, gender, or nationality. By gathering talent with varied values and personalities to work towards a shared goal, we can develop into a truly global company.

Embrace change and act with speed! Our passion will create the future of akebono.

Business is globalizing in ways more complex and rapid than expected, and the automotive industry is facing large changes. However, even while the economic environment surrounding akebono is changing drastically, our firm resolution to provide safety and a peace of mind will remain the same.

The future of akebono is in the hands of those with passion to embrace change and to carry things out with speed, and those who share the though behind akebono's corporate mission: "Through ‘Friction and Vibration, their Control and Analysis,' we are determined to protect, grow and support every individual life."