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Through the determination of every individual employee, Akebono provides safety and peace of mind throughout the world.

Since the company’s founding in 1929, Akebono has continued to refine its technology designed for stopping things in motion, and is dedicated to utilizing this technology to provide safety and peace of mind to customers as an independent manufacturer specialized in brakes.

Akebono has developed its business with a focus on automotive braking solutions. However, utilizing this same core technology, Akebono has also developed brakes for motorcycle, rolling stock and agricultural applications. Furthermore, products including sensors have been developed through Akebono’s research and analysis of vibration.

With pride and determination, we each work to deliver safety and peace of mind to customers all over the world through the supply of these diverse technologies and products.

The "5 Attitudes" Guiding Akebono's Growth

The automotive industry is currently said to be undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation. However, even in the face of such major technological innovation, the function for stopping cars shall remain. It’s a form of technology that will always be needed. Throughout its history spanning over 90years, Akebono has continued to pursue Monozukuri value-added production, and at the same time steadily cultivated and accumulated its technological expertise. We shall continue to apply existing technology while adopting new ones for further future development.

With the establishment of a new leadership team on October 1, 2019, Akebono has been given a renewed direction. Through this opportunity, the following "5 attitudes" were announced to guide every individual at Akebono, and lead Akebono towards further growth and success.

  1. Always have a strong“customer first”mindset
  2. Proactively propose solutions, and get the job done with aspiration and grit
  3. Have a deep awareness of cost reduction
  4. Genchi Genbutsu Gennin Genri Gensoku:
    Go to the actual place, see the actual things and confirm the actual facts. Then take action based on fundamental theory according to decided principles.
  5. Accurately evaluate and reward associates for their efforts, results, contributions, and behavior

The success of Akebono is founded upon the combined efforts of every individual employee – Employees who continuously adapt and initiate change; employees who are persistent in getting the job done.

Every individual employee has an important role to play in securing the continued growth and success of Akebono. As our operating environment changes drastically, we depend increasingly on the efforts of employees to embrace change and innovation in order to remain competitive. It is therefore important to grasp and respond to current trends and customer needs by proactively developing new ideas.

The most important thing is for every employee to always strive to do their best. Regardless of skill, everyone’s contributions are valuable. Through this passion, we are able to further build trust and shift minds. We welcome you to join us in building a new Akebono sharing our passion for change and renewal.

Yasuhiro MiyajiPresident & CEO
Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.