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Akebono recruits talent regardless of their culture, customs, gender or nationality. Different perspectives make Akebono stronger. We at Recruiting look forward to meet all those who want to share our mission of providing safety and peace of mind!

Application Guidelines

Positions Recruited

We are recruiting Global Employees without fixed work locations.

  • General engineering positions
  • General office work positions

*We accept applications from all areas of study.


Initial salary (as of April, 2019)

248,000 JPY
Master degree:
228,000 JPY
213,000 JPY
High-school graduate:
188,000 JPY
Salary raise:
Once/year (April)
Twice/year (July & December)


  • Commuting allowance
  • Overtime work allowance etc.

Working hours

Headquarters: 8:45 - 17:40 (Actual work hours: 8 h)

Work locations

Saitama prefecture (Hanyu city)
Global Head Office:
Tokyo (Nihonbashi, Chuo ward)
Manufacturing facilities:
Saitama prefecture (Saitama city), Yamagata prefecture (Sagae city),Fukushima prefecture (Koori, Date district), Okayama prefecture (Soja city), and others. Japanese and overseas facilities

Paid holidays

  • Annual holidays: 124 days (FY 2019)
  • Five-day workweek system (Sat & Sun are holidays)
  • Golden Week / Summer Holidays / New Year’s Holidays / Annual paid holidays
  • Continuous service leave / Special leave, and other holidays

*Continuous service leave
(After 10 years of service: 5 days ; after 20 years: 7 days ; after 30 years: 10 days; after 40 years: 10 days)

*Other leaves:(Mourning leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing leave, caretaking leave, and others)

Welfare system

  • Housing subsidies (dormitory for single employees, lease apartments etc.)
  • Company pension system (Defined contribution pension plan, defined benefit pension plan)
  • Shares system for employees
  • Rewards for continuous service
  • Staff Cafeteria
  • Recreation facilities etc.

Insurances and other systems

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Worker’s accident insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Welfare annuity insurance
  • Systems for childcare leave and caretaking leave
  • Career partner system and others

*Career partner system: employees who have worked for at least 3 years continuously in the company and have to resign for family reasons can be re-employed within 5 years of resignation in the case if they meet the set criteria.

Employment Selection Flow

* Recommendation Method A: Persons whose school does not have a recommendation quota for Akebono, but wish to apply through recommendation (1st choice is Akebono)
* Recommendation Method B: Persons whose school has a quota for Akebono, and who plan to apply for a school recommendation.

Talent Development

In order to remain a globally competitive organization, we believe people are our most valuable asset. We have therefore developed a comprehensive talent development system based on the diverse range of skills and knowledge required for personal and career development. This includes various On-the-job training (OJT), Off-the-job training (Off-JT), and independent learning programs.


Questions and Answers

I graduated already. Can I still apply?
We also accept applications from persons who at company entrance have worked up to 3 years.
*Persons who have worked for over 3 years before applying should apply through career recruiting.
Can you give me information for visiting alumni?
Due to privacy issues, we cannot introduce alumni to individuals.
I will graduate from a non-Japanese university. Can I still apply?
We accept applications from students studying at overseas universities. Entrance timing into the company (In general, from April) is determined under given circumstances.
I am a non-Japanese exchange student. Can I still apply?
We accept applications from persons who fulfill the application qualifications regardless of nationality. We look forward to receiving your application.
The word ‘global’ comes up in several contexts, what language skills am I required to have?
Although there is no requirement to have language skills to join Akebono, individuals who wish to work in a global context require a high-level of English language ability. We have internal and external programs to support continued language learning while working at Akebono.
What kind of systems does the company offer for balancing work with private life?
We have two “no-overtime-work” days every week. On Wednesdays and Fridays we have a zero overtime work policy, so the lights at the headquarters are turned off at 18:00.
We want to promote a working environment where all employees have a healthy, fruitful work and private life regardless of position - be it a general or manager position.
Can you tell me more about the working environment at Akebono?
At Akebono, we don’t use titles when addressing each another. We promote a flat organization by adding –san after everyone’s name instead.
In the Akebono work environment, all associates can express their opinions freely. The single floor, free-address office at our Hanyu headquarters was made based on the concepts of “liquid office” and “amoeba office” which means that the office is flexible and not limited by organization. This allows the necessary talent to gather when needed, where needed and with the members needed.
I would like to know more about work possibilities outside Japan and transfers.
After joining the company, your first assignment will most likely be at a department in one of our Japanese facilities.
However, as Akebono is developing globally, many positions offer a possibility of work outside Japan. Also, even in Japan there may be job transfers between facilities, depending on each employee’s career.
Can you tell me more about the new hire training and assignments?
After entering the company, our new hires receive training over the course of three months (based on 2019 schedule). Regardless of educational background and skill, all new hires participate in a training period at a manufacturing facility to learn the basics of Monozukuri. Each new hire’s first assignment will be decided during the training program through consultation with the HR department.
I would like to know more about the living arrangements are after entering the company.
New hires who are assigned to head office in Hanyu, Saitama Prefecture, may move into company dormitories located just a 1 minute walk away. Built in 2018, the dormitories are complete with built-in kitchens, bathrooms, electric appliances and free Wi-Fi for 10,000 JPY/month. Employees working outside of Hanyu are also offered housing support and subsidies.