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Working Environment

akebono's Support System

  • Eru Boshi Designation

    On April 1st, 2016 Akebono Brake received recognition (also known as the Eru Boshi Designation) as a General Business Owner Complying with the Standard based on the Act for Promoting the Advancement of Women and the company received the top rank of Grade 3 within the system.

  • くるみん

    Akebono received “Kurumin” mark for the third time in recognition of its childcare support programs in October 2016.

  • 健康経営優良法人2023

    Akebono Brake Industry has been certified as a Health & Productivity Management Organization (Large Enterprise Category) under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi. This is the sixth consecutive year that Akebono has been certified as a corporation with excellent health management.

All Associates

Annual Paid Leave

Associates receive a set number of annual paid leave each year.

Associates who join the company on April 1 receive 14 days of annual leave from July 1 in their first year; 18 days of annual leave from April 1 their second year; 19 days of annual leave from April 1 in their third year; and 20 days of annual leave every year from their fourth year in the company.

*Average number of annual paid leave taken by associates in FY 2022: 18.1days

Long Service Leave

Associates who have continuously worked for the company for ten or more years receive additional paid leave for each decade of service.
10 years: 5 days; 20 years: 7 days; 30 years: 10 days; 40 years: 10 days

Flextime System

Employees who participate in the “Flextime” system can work flexible hours between 6:15~22:00.


In principle, associates partially or fully work remotely from home. The scope of these work reforms has expanded with more departments approving telecommuting work options.

Additional Employment

To support each individual’s career development, associates have the option to engage in additional employment outside of the company given that this will not impact their primary responsibilities.

Associates who are Pregnant or Raising Children

Childcare Leave

This policy is applicable until the end of March following the child’s third birthday. The leave may also be taken over multiple shorter time periods.

*A set amount of childcare leave financial support is provided monthly by the Akebono Mutual Association.
*Akebono's childcare leave system exceeds the legal minimum requirements.

Childcare Leave

Nursing Leave to Care for a Child

Associates who wish to take a leave to nurse a child who has yet to finish elementary school may take up to 5 days per year to do so, or if nursing two or more children, the associate may take up to 10 days.

*The leave can be taken separately from annual paid holidays if for nursing a child who is injured and/or ill, or needs to receive a health check or vaccination.

Reduced Working Hours during Childcare

Associates caring for children yet to graduate elementary school can apply to short work hours by up to two hours per day.

Reduced Working Hours during Childcare

On-site Nursery

“Akebono Nursery School” (known as Ai-Kids) is an on-site childcare facility for children from 0~2 years old.

  • Ai-Kids exterior Ai-Kids exterior

  • Ai-Kids Interior Ai-Kids Interior

Associates Who Provide Nursing Care

Long-term Nursing Leave

Associate are able to take a maximum of two years leave. However, upon the request of the associate in question during the two years, the leave may be extended.

Short-term Nursing Leave

If taking care of one person, 5 days of nursing leave can be taken annually. If taking care of two or more persons, up to 10 days can be taken annually.

Reduced Working Hours for Nursing Care

Reduced hours and other measures can be taken up to a total of 3 years per one family member.