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  • HR
  • J.L.
  • Joined in 2012
  • Studies: Graduate School of Economics, Major: Economics


*The names of departments displayed on this site along with the interview contents
were applicable at the time the interviews were made.

My current work

I am in charge of recruiting new graduates. My main tasks include supporting possible recruits and planning publicity activities, all the way until the new recruits enter the company. As my work allows me to interact with different kinds of people both inside and outside the company, I have the opportunity to witness various perspectives during work, and I think it has also helped me grow personally.

I feel my work in recruiting is worthwhile especially whenever I see students I was in charge of recruiting enter the company and work actively.


This I want to change at akebono

Although we have extended our operations across the globe, we still have some typically Japanese thinking and working styles within the company. Overseas sales cover over 70% of our entire sales, and we have a need for further globalization in the future.

Akebono needs people who are not limited by the current situation but undertake new challenges. I personally and also those who are going to join akebono in the future need to take more challenges to help the company grow.

My future ideals

In addition to recruiting, HR offers a wide range of tasks from education and training, to the HR system, pay roll calculations and overseas operations.

I still have many tasks I have not experienced, so I want to gather more experience to become a member of HR recognized throughout our global operations.


Important steps on my career path

My message to students in the middle of job hunting

Find the company that best allows you to be yourself

During job hunting you have the ultimate chance to take a look back at yourself, to worry, to think, and to reorganize. First of all, make sure to visit many companies and meet many people.

Furthermore, during company information sessions and interviews make sure to have a lot of honest discussions with the company employees. Within those discussions you will be able to sense the company atmosphere and select the company that best allows you to be yourself.

Akebono promotes the careers of female associates and is a company where women can build a career. Within all your future life stages, I believe akebono allows all women to create their ideal career.



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