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Aftermarket Parts

Aiming to become the brand chosen by customer's around the world

We provide a wide range of aftermarket products to customers around the world. These products employ the quality and technological know-how developed through our business of supplying OEM products for an extensive variety of vehicles made by major global automotive manufacturers.

By leveraging our global network that covers the world's major automotive markets, Akebono strives to deliver products that are needed, when they're needed and in the amount needed.

Global Network

Akebono Group started developing its global business in the 1960's, mainly with the United States, and since then has expanded its operations to Europe, ASEAN countries and China.

Akebono's global aftermarket part business begun with the establishment of our United States subsidiary in 1980, and just like with OEM parts for new vehicles, it has continued to expand worldwide.
While automotive usage environments as well as customer needs are different in different parts of the world, Akebono Group researches the requirements of our customers from a global perspective and aims to consistently deliver products of value. The global head office and each of our global affiliates work together every day to enhance customer satisfaction worldwide.

We are committed to delivering products leveraging our global network.


"Shosei-kai" (Akebono Automotive Maintenance Research Society) is a group comprised of repair shops and Akebono, which devotes itself to studies of brake maintenance technology to deliver safety to car owners everywhere.

It was established in 1974 and as of Sept. 2010, has approximately 500 member companies.

Comprised of 7 blocks nationwide, the regional study groups of each block hold regular meetings to discuss enhancement of maintenance technology, as well as to exchange information with Akebono or between the members themselves.


"ai-network" is the name of an organization comprising Akebono and members of leading Japanese part dealers, with the objective of capturing the needs of our end-users through face to face discussion in order to provide products and information which will make our customers happy.

The organization has 8 branches nationwide, with each branch planning and operating independently. It is a platform to gain hints on business improvement through information sharing and enhancement of mutual understanding.