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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Vision

Environmental Conservation Efforts on a Global Scale

Akebono perceives global environmental problems to be a top priority issue in conducting business and works to contribute to environment preservation efforts on a global scale. We also consider a comprehensive, global approach to environment conservation as one of our social responsibilities.

To achieve our environmental goals, we established the Recycling Committee in 1991 and the Environmental Conservation Committee in 1994. In 2001, Akebono Environmental Declaration and Basic Environmental Policies were created to guide all our group companies in the efforts to achieve balance between sustainable business and sustainable society.

Environmental Declaration and Policies

To guide us in our environment conservation efforts, we have created an Environmental Declaration and a set of Basic Environmental Policies, both based on Akebono Corporate Mission and Akebono's Declaration for the 21st Century.

Environmental Declaration

Based on our Corporate Mission and Declaration for the 21st Century, we will continue to create new value in the new millennium, contributing to both the company and the environment. As a global corporate citizen, we will also strive to protect the environment on a global scale and implement ongoing voluntary activities aimed at creating a safe, vibrant society that co-exists in harmony with the environment.

Established 2001

Basic Environmental Policies

  1. From early development and design stages, we will actively pursue initiatives that give consideration to both safety and the environment. We will promote the development of technologies and products that minimize environmental impact.
  2. Each and every associate will make ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact and promote a recycling-oriented society by conserving energy and resources, recycling and reducing waste.
  3. In addition to complying with environmental laws, regulations and agreements, we will endeavor to enhance our environmental management by establishing voluntary management standards both in Japan and overseas.
  4. We will actively disclose information to increase the understanding of our environmental initiatives and encourage positive relationships with communities with the aim of creating a better living environment.

Established 2001