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Sensor Products for Mobility Control

Using its vibration analysis technology, Akebono supplies sensor products including accelerometers, angular rate sensors and sensor clusters.


Using its vibration analysis technology, Akebono supplies sensor products including accelerometers, angular rate sensors and sensor clusters.

Automobiles use many sensors. Accelerometers in ABS (anti-lock braking system) monitors deceleration of a vehicle. These sensors are also used in navigation systems.

Sensor clusters which combines acceleration and angular rate sensors are used in ESC (electronic stability control) to determine the position and movement of the vehicle and adjust the wheels to avoid skidding and improve steering control.

Apart from automotive applications, sensors are also used in trains, GPS (global positioning system) and other various areas.


Accelerometers are sensors that measure changes in speeds at certain intervals.

They are important components for ascertaining vehicle movement in ESC (electronic stability control) and ABS (anti-lock braking system). Accelerometers consist of sensor elements, which detect speed, and ASICs (application specific integrated circuits), which convert speed information into electronic signals. Akebono combines these two sensor elements into a one square centimeter package.

  • Accelerometers

Accelerometers (stand-alone type)

A stand-alone type accelerometer is housed in a case so it can be used for a variety of applications.

This is commonly used as an important component for ABS (anti-lock braking systems) and suspension control. This sensor is also used in vehicle vibration detector for active suspension of bullet train.

  • Accelerometers (stand-alone type)

Angular Rate Sensors

Angular rate sensors detect which way a vehicle is facing to accurately display which direction it is heading.

Akebono angular rate sensors possess high accuracy, and when packaged with accelerometers, are an important part of sensor clusters for ESC (electronic stability control) applications.

  • Angular Rate Sensors

Sensor Clusters

A sensor cluster is a package that combines an accelerometer sensor and angular rate sensor, and is mainly used for ESC (electronic stability control).

The casing is optimally designed so the two sensors can withstand humidity, noise and shocks, allowing the sensors to accurately follow vehicle movements and avoid errors.

These sensor clusters were also used for vehicle behavior detection system on the Intelligent Multimode Transit System (IMTS), which was one of transportation systems used at the 2005 Expo in Aichi.

  • Sensor Clusters

Akebono sensor clusters are compatible with analog and digital (CAN communication) sensors, and starting from 2005 (2006 for digital sensors), do not include environmentally hazardous materials (lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury).

Vehicle Behavior Detection Device

Based on vehicle acceleration, this device monitors vehicle motions which relate derailment, rollover and collision, and send an emergency signal to the vehicle when it detects the abnormal motions. JR West’s vehicle behavior detection system uses this devise and the system makes other trains nearby stop to prevent secondary accidents when the system catches the emergency signal. This devises use Akebono’s high quality and high durable accelerometers. This devise was awarded the excellence prize in the technology award of Congress Japan Railway Cybernetics in 2015.

  • Vehicle Behavior Detection Device

    Vehicle Behavior Detection Device (for display)

  • 車両挙動監視装置、車両取り付け状態

    Vehicle Behavior Detection Device (on board)

Wireless Portable Vibration Measurement Device

Wireless Portable Vibration Measurement Device easily measures vehicle vibration by setting the device on a train. This device can used for vehicle assessment during development period and ride comfort evaluation and vibration characteristics analysis at regular inspection timings.

This device uses proven high quality and high durable accelerometers and angular rate sensors for automotive uses. This device can measure acceleration and angular rate in terms of vertical, left and right, forward and backward.

This device weighs approx. 0.5kg which is 1/10 of previous cable connect type. Significant weight reduction and compact body realize great portability.

Thanks to its wireless connection, it is easy to connect with computers and realize real time wave graph display and simultaneous data recording.

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