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With Our Associates and Their Families

Basic Human Resources Policy and Personnel System

Basic Human Resources Policy

To provide opportunities to all associates and to support them so that they can share the Company's successes

Akebono believes that the most important factor that guides a company to success is human talent (our associates). Guided by that belief, we set forth our basic human resource policy that “each associate must be given the opportunity to exert their abilities and be continuously supported to share their success with the Company.” We are striving to build our long-term global personnel policy as well as to facilitate associates’ ability to establish their individuality and foster mutual respect and trust.

Moreover, we are working on human rights education and enlightenment with high regard for human rights to achieve an organization with abundant diversity and creativity.

Global Human Resource Nurturing and Personnel System

We respect human rights, inclusive values, individuality, and the privacy of individuals, and are developing educational programs, personnel systems, and recruiting activities based on the ideal that each individual, regardless of background, can perform his or her duties in the right place at the right time.

Introduction of the Akebono Starter Package

akebono Starter Book

As part of the education and training program for new Akebono associates, we have adopted a training package that is standardized at all Akebono Group sites worldwide. The akebono Starter Book, which contains basic information about the company, a message to associates, videos on safety and quality and other necessary materials for new associates, are compiled and posted on the company intranet in English and Japanese versions. Through learning with the training package, Akebono strives to unify the basic knowledge and concepts that all Akebono associates should have in common. At the same time, we will continue to add original training programs which are appropriate for each country and location.

Global Onboarding Program

Global Onboarding Program
in FY2018

Akebono regularly invites associates who are active at each of overseas locations to Japan for programs to disseminate Akebono's core knowledge and to propose solutions to issues faced locally.

In fiscal 2017-2018, the "Global Onboarding Program" was held six times. A total of 24 key associates from our facilities in the North America and Europe came to Japan for a one-week global training program covering the APS production system, manufacturing (Monozukuri), plant tours, company policies, Japanese culture, and interaction with Japan staff.

"Ai-Village" A Center for Nurturing Globally Capable Associates


Since the start of operation in 2013, Ai-Village global training center has served as a training ground for numerous associates. Around half of the training sessions held there consist of job level-based training programs and training for selected associates organized by the Human Resources Department. Furthermore, various departments such as engineering, sales, and production also hold them. In addition to being used as a place for residential training sessions, there were also instances where Ai-Village was used by associates trapped by inclement weather.

To further increase the scope of training programs, in fiscal 2014, the Company launched Ai-Campus. Ai-Campus offers approximately 50 courses that provide a basic understanding of safety and quality that associates should have, knowledge on labor issues, harassment, and internal control for management, and a basic knowledge about production and products. A total of 18,750 associates took the courses in fiscal 2021. In the future, we will strive to provide training that can be taken even more effectively and efficiently by implementing both group training using Ai-Village and online training (including video training) that can be taken at any location for increased flexibility.

Main Features of the Facility

Presentation room modeled after a university auditorium

Dedicated language laboratories and study rooms

Communication training with executives (1)

Communication training with executives (2)

  • Training rooms and presentation rooms
  • Accommodations comprising 56 rooms
  • Lounge areas aimed at enhancing communications
  • Green spaces to nurture visitors' environmental awareness
  • Kitchen facilities for experiencing diverse cuisines
  • Library facilities to support self-study
  • * Ai-Village also serves as an evacuation shelter should a disaster or other emergency arise. It is equipped with emergency aid supplies and is capable of converting its training rooms into accommodations for approximately 200 people.