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With Our Associates and Their Families

Basic Human Resources Policy and Personnel System

Basic Human Resources Policy

To provide opportunities to all associates and to support them so that they can share the Company’s successes.

Akebono believes that the most important factor that guides a company to success is human talent (our associates). Guided by that belief, we set forth our basic human resource policy that “each associate must be given the opportunity to exert their abilities and be continuously supported to share their success with the Company.” We are striving to build our long-term global personnel policy as well as to facilitate associates’ ability to establish their individuality and foster mutual respect and trust.

Moreover, we are working on human rights education and enlightenment with high regard for human rights to achieve an organization with abundant diversity and creativity.

Global Human Resource Nurturing and Personnel System

We strive to ensure that our associates are assigned optimal positions and work locations based on their competencies, regardless of their nationality. To this end, our human resource recruitment, nurturing and administration systems are premised on abundant respect for human rights as well as associates’ individuality, privacy rights and diverse value systems. In particular, we are developing our associates’ communication skills, flexibility in dealing with diverse cultures and their linguistic abilities. Up to now, we have had different training programs and personnel systems by location, so we are working to enhance our associates’ ability to operate in global business settings, since they have had few opportunities to engage in duties with peers from other countries with different cultures and native tongues.

Introduction of the Akebono Standard Package

akebono Starter Book

As a part of its training programs, Akebono has prepared globally unified educational materials for training new recruits at all group business locations. Akebono has issued the Akebono Starter Book, a standard educational package that features the Company’s corporate history since its founding, characteristics of its operations in each region and explanations of APS (Akebono Production System or Akebono Philosophy and Spirit), its corporate culture and philosophy as well as corporate brand management activities. The book is being used in training programs. By learning through this book, all associates are equally informed of the basic knowledge and concepts necessary to act as Akebono business persons. Moreover, with the addition of programs that reflect local concerns, we are developing human resource educational programs optimized for each region and location.

Global Leadership Forum (GLF)

Training seminar in fiscal 2016
JGLF held at Ai-Village

Akebono has regularly conducted a program since fiscal 2012 in which associates working overseas come to Japan and make proposals for solutions to problems affecting their local communities. We have also held the Junior Global Leadership Forum (JGLF) since fiscal 2013 as an educational opportunity for associates who represent the Company's future. Every year 20 associates participate, discussing issues that arise due to cultural differences between Japan and overseas sites along with ways of solving them. They also develop plans for achieving Global 30 and make proposals for top management. Going forward, we will continue to conduct this initiative to further develop global leaders.

Overseas Training Plan for Younger Associates

The Overseas Training Plan launched in 2001 aims to help younger associates understand diverse cultures by stationing them overseas early in their careers with Akebono. To date, the plan has seen a cumulative 250 participants, all of whom have seen their day - to - day skills enhanced along with an improvement in their positioning for pursuing higher career paths.

“Ai-Village” A Center for Nurturing Globally Capable Associates


Since its establishment in 2012, Ai-Village global training center has served as a training ground for numerous associates. Around half of the training sessions held there consist of job level-based training programs and training for selected associates organized by the Human Resources Department. Furthermore, various departments such as development, technology, sales, and production also hold them. In addition to being used as a place for retreat-type training sessions, there were some instances where Ai-Village was used by associates trapped by inclement weather.

To further increase the scope of training programs, in fiscal 2014, the Company launched Ai-Campus. In addition to language training programs aimed at nurturing globally capable associates, around 80 courses on basic knowledge about manufacturing and Akebono products are offered.

One of these training programs is Ai-Forum, where associates from Japan and around the world give presentations and hold discussions on a variety of major topics, and gain insights from different perspectives. At the Ai-Forum held in May 2016, a panel discussion was held on the topic of “Women Building Careers in the Automobile Industry.” Five female managers from different locations were the panelists.

Looking ahead, we will continue to strive to fully utilize this facility to nurture competitive human resources.

Main Features of the Facility

Presentation room modeled after a university auditorium

Dedicated language laboratories and study rooms

  • Training rooms and presentation rooms
  • Accommodations comprising 56 rooms
  • Lounge areas aimed at enhancing communications
  • Green spaces to nurture visitors' environmental awareness
  • Kitchen facilities for experiencing diverse cuisines
  • Library facilities to support self-study
  • * Ai-Village also serves as an evacuation shelter should a disaster or other emergency arise. It is equipped with emergency aid supplies and is capable of converting its training rooms into accommodations for approximately 200 people.