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As it expands globally, it is important that Akebono, beyond complying with the law and regulations, correctly understands and fulfills its corporate social responsibility. Accordingly, we have set up the Compliance Committee, chaired by the president, and established the “akebono Global Code of Conduct” and “akebono Global Standard of Behavior” to be observed by each associate.

To respond to the globalization of management, Akebono endeavors to correctly recognize and carry out its corporate social responsibility. To this end, we have established and promoted the akebono Global Code of Conduct together with the akebono Global Standard of Behavior, and we also work to improve awareness of compliance by conducting a variety of educational programs. Specific examples include training on Japan's subcontracting act for workplaces that carry out outsourcing operations and training on insider trading regulations. Moreover, in our job level-based training program, we include compliance training to raise the level of awareness on general compliance issues such as information control and prevention of harassment. In addition to this, in fiscal 2017 compliance proficiency tests were given to all associates in Japan, and in November we held a month dedicated to strengthening compliance, which generated thoughtful workplace discussions. Furthermore, in fiscal 2017, we introduced a global compliance e-learning program.

To prevent compliance violations or to detect them at an early stage, and resolve them, Akebono conducts compliance hearings for associates selected at random, and has set up consultation counters, both in-house and outsourced, to accept requests for counseling from all associates, including temporary employees and contract employees. Among these, some of the outsourced consultation has been entrusted to specialized agencies. At all of these counters, the personnel in charge keep the name of the person seeking the consultation and the nature of their consultation confidential. Akebono also ensures that the person seeking consultation does not receive any prejudicial treatment because of making a report or seeking consultation.