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Information Security Activities

Akebono has established an Information Security Committee, as well as information security policies, guidelines and rules for the handling of information in order to implement appropriate measures to protect information assets properly. We clarify measures according to materiality and risk, in order to provide appropriate protection for data owned in-house or provided by customers or business partners from all kinds of threats, including negligence, accidents, natural disasters, and criminal acts. Under the Information Security Committee, the Company has also set up a working group and established a system where information security personnel or an information system administrator in each section carries out their own checks against the information security risks to which their respective operations are vulnerable. Using a PDCA cycle to raise awareness of and adherence to the various regulations and guidelines through education and training, the Company is working to ensure information security. In the unlikely event that a violation does occur, such as with regard to the Company’s rules of employment, it is strictly dealt with. The Company complies with all relevant laws and regulations and other social norms, and strives to achieve continuous improvement of its management systems, including in response to changes in the environment.

Moreover, in recent years, in light of the increasing risk of information leakage due to global business expansion, growing dependence on IT and the increased liquidity of employment, the Company has strengthened its network environment so that its security exceeds a certain level globally.

In the future, while Akebono continues to implement global education and awareness-raising activities, it will continue to routinely conduct security assessments based on cybersecurity management guidelines, adopt new security measures, build the organization and structure in preparation for contingencies, and strengthen its countermeasures to cyber-attacks, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated.