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Information Security

Akebono has established an information security policy, information security rules and procedures, as well as an ISMS Committee as the highest decision-making body concerning information security based on ISMS (Information Security Management System) in order to protect the Company's information assets, and to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to safeguard information security. These measures enable quick decision-making in both times of emergency and normal times. By clearly defining the importance and the risk-based handling of each information, the Company provides appropriate protection for data owned in-house or provided by customers or business partners from all kinds of threats, including negligence, accidents, natural disasters, and criminal acts. Furthermore, for emergency response, the Company has set in place a system, CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) that activates, conducts the appropriate initial actions, and quickly carries out the necessary response from containment to prevention of recurrence.

At each division, the division administrator and head of the division form a working group that carries out their own checks against the information security risks to which their respective operations are vulnerable. Akebono ensures information security by using the PDCA cycle, by raising awareness through education and training, by ensuring thorough implementation of rules and procedures, and by conducting periodic vulnerability assessments, security assessments, and desktop training to prepare in the event that an emergency occurs. In the unlikely event that a violation does occur, such as regarding the Company's rules of employment, it is strictly dealt with. The Company complies with all relevant laws and regulations and other social norms and strives to achieve continuous improvement of its management systems, including in response to changes in the environment.

Furthermore, considering the growing risk of information leaks due to increased global business development, advancements in IT, and employment mobility in recent years, Akebono has strengthened its network environment so that a set level of security is exceeded on a global basis. The Company has also introduced a MSS (Managed Security Service) using SOC (Security Operation Center) to establish a global monitoring system.

In addition to pursuing the implementation of both global education and awareness activities, in the future, Akebono will continue to strengthen internal organization and systems based on various cybersecurity management guidelines such as the JAMA/JAPIA Cybersecurity Guidelines in preparation for contingencies, and to strengthen its countermeasures to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.