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Akebono's international internship program began in 1995 and has since accepted over 80 students and graduates from more than 25 countries all around the world. Positioned primarily as a recruitment and branding tool, the program introduces the company and its departments to potential new recruits to meet the demands of our ongoing global expansion. An internship is the perfect opportunity to meet and assess prospective talent to develop and expand our pool of globally capable personnel. In return, the intern benefits from a hands-on learning experience in renowned Japanese business practices such as Monozukuri and Kaizen.

The internship generally lasts around 6 months. Some Japanese language ability and a highly adaptable and pro-active attitude in creating beneficial working relationships are expected from the intern.

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Mahmoud Bennani   MIT / MINES ParisTech

HR Department and Investor Relations Office

The internship was exactly what I was looking for - a challenging environment and experience, yet flexible. I was able to contribute to the company in a variety of different ways, which gave me a wider overview as I looked at the company from different perspectives. The people at Akebono are very welcoming, friendly and understanding, and went to great lengths to make me feel comfortable.

Samuel Kunz   Stanford University

Production Engineering Division, Iwatsuki Plant

I learned a lot about Japan, Japanese corporate culture, customs and workplace, and business practices. The technical side was more of a challenge due to the language barrier.

Laure Mulard   ESSEC Business School

Overseas Logistics and HR Departments

During the internship I was able to experience several departments, which helped me figure out what fields interest me for my future career. All of my teams were very welcoming and always took my ideas into consideration.


Please send resume and cover letter to : diversity@akebono-brake.com

For details on Akebono's available internship offers please go to : http://www.kopra.org.