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Akebono Nursery School (Ai-Kids)

Outside of the Akebono Nursery School (Ai-Kids)

Exterior of the Akebono Nursery School (Ai-Kids)

Akebono established the Akebono Nursery School, also known as "Ai-Kids," within Ai-City (headquarters) in Hanyu city, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, as a part of workstyle reforms, the enhancement of our organization's benefits, and to contribute to our local community. In addition to children of Akebono associates, children of parents and guardians who work in the local area are also able to use Ai-Kids. We will continue to work towards making further contributions to the local community through these activities.

At Ai-Kids, we have introduced an "Individual-based childcare" system which provides optimal childcare to meet the needs of each child's lifestyle. We also focus on supporting parents and guardians, aiming to provide them with peace of mind so they can work comfortably.

Ai-Kids Childcare Philosophy

Our childcare philosophy at Ai-Kids is based on the principle of "mutual-education" in which children and their families, as well as childcare workers, all foster growth and development in each other. We aim to contribute to 1. Balancing work and childcare responsibilities, 2. Retaining human resources, 3. Improving associate satisfaction and corporate image, and 4. Raising male associates' awareness of childcare.

Introduction of an "individual-based childcare" system that cares for each child attentively

A member of staff is specifically put in charge of each child's care, which builds a relationship of trust with the child. It also builds an attachment relationship with the adult who takes care of them. By having a designated adult take care of the child's daily needs, the child can feel secure in the knowledge that he or she can trust the adult.

In addition, because care can be tailored to each child's individual situation, it is easier for the child to use the toilet, eat meals, etc., at the appropriate times and promote the child's personal independence.

Supporting parents and guardians

Ai-Kids provides its own diapers within the nursery. We also provide bedding, towels, gauze, and bibs to support parents and guardians of children by reducing their burden.

Ai-Kids graduation ceremony

Group photo of children at Ai-Kids