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Materiality of Sustainability

Specifying Materiality in ESG issues

The Akebono Brake Group has identified materiality in ESG issues from the perspective of sustainable growth, as well as corporate value enhancement, and has used these as a basis to develop specific initiatives.

In order to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the UN Summit, nine material issues were identified from the perspective of societal demands including respect for the global environment and human rights, the level of concerns and expectations of stakeholders (customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, our associates and their families, etc.) and appropriate corporate governance.

Subsequent discussions were held to make them easier to understand in order to promote specific initiatives, and as a result nine items of identified materiality in ESG issues were organized into three to clarify the aims and initiatives.

Material Issues for ESG

Aims and initiatives

The following aims for each material issue have been set and Akebono is working to attain them.

Material issue (1)

  • Provide safe and reassuring products and services


Continuously provide a manufacturing work environment that ensures safety and respect for human rights, while delivering products and services that fully consider the natural environment and customer safety

Main Initiatives Goals & KPI
  • Promote development of products that are highly compatible with preventive safety functions
  • Shorten development lead times through enhanced use of simulation, etc.
  • Utilize advanced technologies in products for general vehicles
  • Continuously improve the quality management system
  • Encourage both organizations and individuals through safety training and production improvement activities
  • Promote supply chain management
  • Contribute to society with safety and peace of mind through our products
  • Improve development speed and respond to the changing needs of customers and society
  • Contribute to vehicle weight reduction and improved fuel and electricity efficiency
  • Ensure safety in the use of all products and services
    • Number of serious accidents resulting from the use of our products: 0
  • Create and maintain safe workplaces and working environments
    • Number of occurrences of serious workplace accidents: 0
  • Continue with proper transactions in the supply chain and contribute to reducing environmental impact and ensuring quality

Material issue (2)

  • Contribute to society and be a company in which everyone can play an active role


Work to respect human rights including in the supply chain, respect diversity, promote work-life balance, and develop talent to achieve sustainable growth for the company

Main Initiatives Goals & KPI
  • Promote respect for human rights based on the Akebono Brake Group Human Rights Policy
  • Implement diversity management based on the three key initiatives of "Promotion of Diversity," "Career Support" and "Promotion of Work-Life Balance"
  • Formulate a human resources strategy and secure human resources as well as reskilling of associates based on this strategy
  • Strengthen governance
  • Promote health management
  • Strengthen dialogue with stakeholders
  • Contribute to respect for human rights including in the supply chain
  • Create an organization where all of our diverse talent can maximize their potential, leading to the creation of new value
    • Percentage of women in management positions: 10% (2030)
    • Percentage of mid-career hires in management positions: 30% (2030)
    • Increased positive response rate to “Our opportunity to grow" in the employee Engagement Survey from previous year
    • Attendance rate of mandatory training at various levels: 100%
    • Number of serious compliance violations: 0
  • Improve productivity and creativity by ensuring mental and physical health and wellbeing of associates
    • Continued certification as a Health & Productivity Management Organization
    • Level of health risk in stress check diagnosis results: below 100

Material issue (3)

  • Contribute to the prevention of global warming and promote reduction of environmental impact


Strive to protect the global environment and work continuously to develop a sustainable society in harmony with the environment

Main Initiatives Goals & KPI
  • Work toward achieving medium- and long-term targets for reducing CO2 emissions
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system
  • Establish and comply with in-house guidelines for environmentally hazardous substances
  • Reduce total CO2 emissions by 50% over 2013 (Scope 1 and 2) (by 2030)
  • Achieve carbon neutrality (by 2050)
  • Continue to comply with laws and regulations on environmentally hazardous substances and achieve zero violations