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Consolidated Financial Highlights (FY2017)

The Akebono Group's net sales for the fiscal year under review (see Note) decreased to JPY264.9 billion (0.4% year-on-year decrease) reflecting decreases in sales in North America despite strong sales in the European and Asian regions. Profits increased thanks to the effects of measures taken to improve profits in North American operations, increased orders received in the Asian region, etc. Operating profit and ordinary profit were JPY8.1 billion (JPY4.2 billion for the last fiscal year) and JPY5.8 billion (JPY0.8 billion for the last fiscal year), respectively. Profit attributable to owners of parent was JPY0.8 billion (JPY0.4 billion for the last fiscal year) mainly as a result of posting impairment loss for non-current assets in the Arras Plant and the Slovakia Plant in Europe.

The consolidated fiscal year under review is defined as follows:
  • (1) North America, China, Thailand, and Indonesia: January to December 2017
  • (2) Japan and Europe: April 2017 to March 2018