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Business Contents

The Akebono Brake Group manufactures, sells and conducts research and development of various brakes and its components and related parts.

Major Products

Brakes for Automobiles

photo: Disc brakes
photo: Drum brakes

Disc brake calipers, disc brake pads, disc rotors, drum brake linings, drum brake shoes, wheel cylinders, drum-in-hat brakes, brake drums, sensors, etc.

Brakes for Motorcycles

photo: Disc brakes
photo: Master cylinders

Disc brake calipers, disc brake pads, master cylinders, etc.

Brakes for Rolling Stock

photo: Bullet train disc brakes
photo: Bullet train disc brake linings

Disc brakes for bullet trains, brake linings for bullet trains, brake linings for regular trains, brake linings for rolling stock, disc brakes for monorail, etc.

Brakes for Industrial Machinery

photo: Drum brakes for forklifts
photo: Disc brakes for wind turbine generator

Drum brakes for forklifts, disc brakes for wind turbine generators, disc brakes for rough terrain cranes, clutch facings for car a/c, brake shoes for elevators, etc.