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Sustainability Governance and Implementation Structure

The Akebono Group has been working on social, environmental, and other matters while identifying issues and setting targets from a CSR perspective. In this context, we will actively and proactively work to enhance our corporate value over the medium to long term, based on the recognition that various topics surrounding sustainability are important management issues.

We have established a Sustainability Committee to examine medium- to long-term risks and opportunities in ESG issues, including consideration of global environmental issues such as climate change and respect for human rights, and to observe these issues by the Board of Directors after resolution by the Management Conference.

●Sustainability Committee Structure
Chairman: Head of Sustainability Implementation Division
Members: Each working group (WG) leader and secretariat
*Each WG member is appointed from the relevant department
Secretariat: Sustainability Implementation Office
●Sustainability Committee Discussion Items
  1. Matters related to environmental issues and opportunities
  2. Matters related to social issues and opportunities
  3. Matters related to governance (observation and execution by the Board of Directors)

The Sustainability Committee meets quarterly and proposes contents for review to the Management Conference for decision.
The Board of Directors receives semiannual reports or proposals for review and observes the progress and direction of the Committee's activities.