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Consolidated Cash Flow Conditions (FY2017)

Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the fiscal year under review decreased by JPY2.9 billion from the end of the last fiscal year to JPY12.7 billion.

(Cash flows from operating activities)
The main factors behind the net cash inflow include profit before income taxes of JPY4.2 billion, depreciation of JPY12.4 billion, a JPY2.9 billion decrease in working capital, etc. while income taxes of JPY2.8 billion were paid out.

(Cash flows from investing activities)
The main factor behind the net cash outflow is the payment of JPY11.4 billion for purchase of property, plant and equipment in connection with capital investment mainly in Japan, U.S., and Europe.

(Cash flows from financing activities)
The main factors behind the net cash outflow include a JPY3.4 billion net decrease in short-term loans payable, repayment of JPY25.3 billion long-term loans payable, and JPY3.1 billion dividends paid to non-controlling interests, while there were inflows of JPY19.2 billion through proceeds from long-term loans payable and JPY2.1 billion through proceeds from sale and leaseback.