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Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

We are committed to disclosing information in a fair and timely manner to enable all our stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, customers, and local communities, to correctly and fully understand AKEBONO BRAKE INDUSTRY CO., LTD and its group and to evaluate them appropriately. Opinions collected from stakeholders through information disclosure will be used in-house as a point of reference for corporate management.

2. Disclosure Standards

Our disclosure is made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations such as Japan's Company Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, as well as the Timely Disclosure Regulations (the "Regulations") enacted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange ("TSE").
The Regulations require timely disclosure when a decision, event or information that affects investment judgments occurs, or when an inquiry is made by the TSE, or when a material change, suspension or discontinuation occurs on the contents of material corporate information which has already been disclosed.
It is also our policy to disclose, as much proactively and fairly as possible, information that does not fall under the Regulations, such as the contents of announcements made at a meeting with institutional investors, in order to better meet investors' needs.

3. Information Disclosure Method

  • (1) Disclosure of information falling under the Regulations is publicized through the Timely Information Disclosure System (TDnet) offered by the TSE in accordance with the Regulations. We post each piece of information publicized on TDnet on our website as soon as possible, but posting of information may be delayed because of telecommunication or other problems, therefore our website is positioned solely as a secondary information source.
  • (2) In disclosing information beyond what is required to be released under applicable laws and regulations such as the Company Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, as well as the Regulations, we are endeavoring to ensure that such information is provided as much precisely and fairly as possible to general investors in an appropriate manner in light of the purpose of timely disclosure.

4. Timely Disclosure Structure

The departments responsible for timely disclosure requirements are Accounting, Corporate Planning, and the Legal and General Affairs Departments to obtain the necessary information.
These departments gather information on a regular basis or as needed from the parent and its subsidiary companies as part of its timely disclosure activities, and disclose the necessary information in accordance to and in compliance with the regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and related regulatory guidelines. In addition to the close contact and cooperation between these departments, contact with other departments and relations with external advisors are maintained as part of our strategy to quickly and effectively disseminating information on a timely basis. In the event that unanticipated events occur that necessitate the release of timely disclosure related information, the department responsible for timely disclosure will quickly contact the department or subsidiary concerned to gather the information and prepare it for disclosure. At the same time, our representative directors and other critical members will be consulted about the information to be released and ensure that the disclosure of information through the Tokyo Stock Exchange is not delayed.

5. Future Prospects

We sometimes provide information concerning forecasts of business performance by other means in addition to the forecasts of business performance provided to TSE.
Any news releases, documents from time to time issued by us, contents posted on our website, responses to questions posed at financial and analyst meetings, and other information may include future plans, forecasts, and strategies.
The description pertaining to our forecasts is based on the information available at the time and our assumption which we believe reasonable, therefore actual results may be different from them, due to surrounding business environment, including market situation, foreign exchange rate in the market, and other unexpected reasons.

6. Positioning of This Website

This website is open to, and for the convenience of, all those who wish to search for information regarding us on the Internet. In order to make fair information disclosures, information that is made publicly available is posted on our website as soon as possible thereafter, but posting of information may be delayed because of telecommunications or other problems, and therefore, our website is positioned solely as a secondary information source.
Information made available by other means may be modified to an easier to understand format for posting on our website.
You are requested to be fully aware of these qualifications when accessing information on our website.

7. Silent Period

To prevent any information affecting the stock price from being divulged during the preparation period of the data for the announcement of the accounts, we fix four weeks "silence period" prior to the announcement of the accounts. During this period, we refrain from making comments on the accounts or responding to related questions. If it becomes likely that the results will substantially vary from the previously released projection, however, we will disclose such information by way of press release, and disclosure to TSE.

8. IR Spokespersons

To ensure the accuracy of information and the fairness of disclosure, our major IR activities will be undertaken by IR spokespersons, including Representative Director, Executive Officer in charge of IR, and person in charge of IR. In principle, executives and employees other than IR spokespersons will not provide information by themselves to persons concerned with securities markets and the mass media. However, IR spokespersons may appoint other executives and employees as their deputies when necessary.

9. Others

When using our website for information on the Company, please read carefully not only this disclosure policy, but also the Terms of Use or other notices.