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Monozukuri Center

What is the Monozukuri Center?

The Monozukuri Center provides a forum for learning the principles of manufacturing that is always open to anyone in Akebono. In addition to offering a series of short-term training programs that incorporate the hands-on experience of manufacturing, the center provides associates with opportunities to make new friends.

The center plays an important role in nurturing Akebono’s human resources, offering training classes nationwide. In particular, it aims to develop associates who will go on to strengthen the functionality of production sites. Also, the center promotes the dissemination of Akebono’s manufacturing strengths - built upon a solid tradition of Japanese Monozukuri - among its overseas operations.

Tours and hands-on experience are available not only to Akebono employees, but also to our suppliers and customers

Many people get to experience the philosophy of Akebono's value-added product manufacturing every year, because Akebono's Monozukuri Center welcomes tours and offers opportunities of hands-on experience not only to our associates, but also to our suppliers and customers.

  • 摩擦材道場

    Friction Materials Dojo where trainees learn basic manufacturing skills

  • 研修終了者

    Many trainees get training every year

  • APS道場

    APS Dojo where trainees learn standard operation procedures

  • 加工道場

    Processing Dojo where trainees feel and experience principles of manufacturing

Other than the above dojos, the Monozukuri Center has established the Safety Dojo, Maintenance Dojo, Environmental Dojo and quality Dojo.

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