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(Concrete Compaction Detector with Filling Check Device)


Usually by using a high-frequency bar form concrete vibrator for solidifying to fill the concrete, it is necessary to certify if the filling and compaction have indeed been accomplished. By using the sensors of the first “Jutender”, we have created a device which can check the filling and measure the acceleration of vibration to certify the compaction grade of the concrete. With this system, the device can measure the progress for compaction and filling. This innovative system will simplify and lower the costs with its compaction check function, thus it will contribute to the quality assurance of concrete foundations.


  1. Detect both the degree of filling and compaction of concrete with a conventional vibration device.
  2. The degree of desired compaction can be set by the customer. (Displayed, when the setup vibration acceleration threshold only exceeds a configured time)*
  3. No need for calibration of the device. It is possible to detect the faulty state of a concrete filling (both due to air and water gaps) with only one vibration device and without having to adjust the settings.
  4. The small vibration device can be used in a variety of spaces, even in very narrow and thin ones.
  5. The user interface is easy to understand. The color codes display clearly the status of the filling in real time and the data (e.g. finishing time) can be saved and stored for future analysis.
  • * The purpose of this system is to detect the vibration of the vibrating poker during compaction, but it does not guarantee the strength of the concrete that has been compacted. Also, the value of the detected vibration is a guideline, available for prevention, for example to see if the application of a vibrating poker has been forgotten. A final confirmation of the compaction status has to be verified by the user.
  • Vibration device

    Vibration device

Application examples

  • Use in situations where visual confirmation of the concrete filling status & compaction grade is difficult
  • At constructions with high density of reinforcing bars etc. the device can confirm if there are any rock pockets/compaction fails
  • Confirm the state of the concrete flow and fluidity (measuring the time it takes to fill the mold with concrete)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Information System New Technology Registration number: KT-090011-VG (New Technology Information System : NETIS)


Item Specification
Model CIFD-4
Detection method Detection of special frequencies by vibration device
Identification ability Air, defective status (water), concrete, (various grout *please inquire with us)
Compaction vibration detect range From 4.8m/S2 to 150m/S2
Measurement channels 16ch
Display LCD monitor color display
Measurement time About 0.5 sec per 1ch
Sensor cable length 5m, 20m standard (up to 50m with extension cable)
Sensor resitance (unimpacted) 0.3MPa (water pressure)
Date feature Internal clock: hours/minutes/seconds/month/day/year
Recordable events About 400 events
Output data format Text format
Power AC90V ~ 110V [built-in internal data backup battery]
PC connection Serial port D-sub (9 pin)
Operating temperature & humidity range 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ 5 ~ 85% (non-condensing)

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